TJH Connect


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is TJH Connect?

TJH Connect is a free tool that we provide for all of our clients.

Why aren’t there any boxes for an employee on the payroll input screen?

The employee’s payroll defaults have not been set yet. Click on the employee’s name in the input screen to be able to choose which input box you’d like displayed and to what pay type it’s correlated to.

How do I add new Columns to the payroll input screen?

At this moment, there is no way to add your own columns, so if you’d like to add or change your columns, email your account rep the requested changes.

How can my employee’s see their check stub?

You can invite your employee’s to view their check stubs, but first you must be sure to have their email address filled out under their employee information.

How do I save a payroll so I can continue it later?

When you navigate away from the Payroll Input screen, your payroll is automatically saved and can be continued by going to the “Continue Payroll” option. A payroll is saved until it’s deleted or submitted.

Where can I go to sign up for TJHConnect?

Simply click here to get started.

Download TJH Connect Manual