Time And Attendance

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Time and Attendance?

Time and Attendance is a free service.

Where can I go to sign up for TJHConnect?

If you have TJHConnect, you can get started immediately, simply follow the videos or manual. If you need to register for TJHConnect please click here to get started.

Why is my Clock-in station no longer recognized?

The way our web-clock works is through the use of cookies. So, if you clear your browser and delete its cookies, then you’ll have to re-register your device.

Can I set up clock-in stations on a tablet or smartphone?

Because our Time and Attendance system is a web application, you can login to it from most devices that can connect to the internet. Feel free to connect your smartphones and tablets.

Why do I keep getting errors when I'm trying to import my payroll?

This is most likely because you didn't pick which columns to import the hours to. Go to Time and Attendance -> Settings and make the appropriate selections to fix this.

1. Activation and Setup

2. Manage Employee Hours

3. Import and Submit Hours

Download Time and Attendance Manual